Private Lessons…Your student will have the opportunity to study his/her instrument with a private music instructor during your child’s orchestra class period.   Private music lessons are not the same as academic tutorials.  Lessons provide the extra time with students to often advance at a quicker rate and added enrichment.   Our teachers have been processed through FISD.  This is a WONDERFUL way for your student to have a one-on-one lesson during the school day right on our campus.   Lessons are $20 for half of a class period (FISD new 2018-19 pay rate).  Our teachers set up their own payment system and expectations.  

  • All private teachers are district approved including background checks.
  • Lessons are $20/half a class period
  • Lessons are once a week during class.
  • Your student can greatly benefit from the private lesson program.

Interested? Click HERE to fill out the private lesson interest form.